From bootstrapping products for early stage startups, to scaling new business products at Facebook, to independently developing little apps, I’ve spent years designing and building useful, usable software.

Workplace Chat

Product Design

×Workplace Chat iOS App

I worked on Workplace Chat as part of the Workplace product team at Facebook from 2018-20. In this role, I collaborated with other designers to design chat for small and medium sized businesses, redesigned chat navigation as part of a broader Workplace rearchitecture, and product-managed and led design for the Workplace Chat mobile apps for a year.

Your Week

Product Design & Web Development

×Your Week Planner App

Your Week is a focused planner I designed and built based on my own process for setting priorities at the each start of week and tracking progress towards my weekly goals. I wanted the app to feel simple and reliable, integrate with common workflows, and encourage a moment of celebration when you achieve your goals. The visual design emulates a traditional, reliable, leather-bound planner. It's available for free on web and Android.

Workplace Live Video

Product Design

×Workplace Live Q&A

During the shift towards remote working in 2020 caused by the coronavirus pandemic, I worked with a small team to design and build live video tools for businesses using Workplace to keep their employees connected and share critical updates. I led the design of Live Q&A across platforms, and designed Workplace's video call product, Rooms, on iOS.


Product Design & Web Development

×Yavi app for Android and iOS

In hospitality and retail businesses, miscommunications about staff scheduling are frequent, causing frustrated staff to miss their shifts and costing businesses money. I worked with the small start-up team at Yavi in Edinburgh from 2016-18 to design, build and scale a product focused on improving scheduling and team communication for shift-working teams. The product was rewarding to work on, making a difference to the working lives of people working for brands like Domino's, Debenhams, Three, Vodafone, and thousands of small businesses.

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Product Design & Web Development

×HRU Chat & Mental Health App

HRU is a little app I built to solve an important, but simple problem: it can be difficult to talk to people – even the people you're closest to – about how you're feeling, and ask for a helping hand. HRU provides a safe space to share your emotions without comment or judgement. The app is intended to feel simple and empressive, making space to acknowledge your feelings and your loved ones'.


Product Design & Web Development

×Shout GIF and Video Creator

After spending time designing marketing software in 2016, I decided to build a tool for small businesses who wanted to engage customers via social media with videos and GIFs, but didn't have their own high quality media to share. Shout is a tool for making GIFs and videos from your own images and text. It's intended to be simple to get started with, but a powerful tool for creating marketing content when you have mastered it. Shout is used on a small scale, by several hundred businesses each month, to create content for social media.


Product Design & Web Development

×Timeline Family History App

In 2016, while on holiday, staying with family, I realised that it'd be really valuable for me to know more about my grandparents' lives and their stories. I design and built Timeline as a way to record their memories, with text and images. Over the past few years, my parents and grandparents have built up their timelines with important moments from their past.


Product Design & Web Development

×Wonderloop Video Profile App

I joined the Wonderloop team as a Communication Designer, defining how the video profile product should be marketed to a young professional audience. In this role, I designed for online marketing and in-person events, such as meetups with popular creatives and Vine stars. My role grew to include front-end engineering, including the Wonderloop website and web app. The ability to share a video profile link played a significant part in increasing organic growth.

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