I'm Graham Macphee. I use design to prototype and create useful, usable digital products.

I have worked for startups in Europe and the US for 4 years to solve critical business challenges through design.

I work closely with teams to understand the product, market and strategy. By holding insightful research sessions, I understand user needs. I then validate designs by testing prototypes, and use data to inform iterations.

My aim is to make measurable differences to experience and behaviour which help to accomplish business goals.

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More about me

I live and work in Edinburgh, UK. I tend to think about puppies, pizza and equality. I enjoy being creative: design, photography, writing, playing ukulele and singing. I’m quiet and thoughtful. I like nature and quiet nights in.

You can see my designs above and on Dribbble, and find my photography on Instagram.

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Say hi! Send an email to [email protected], or send me a message on Twitter, @gmph.


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