Yavi is the home of chat and schedules for shift-working teams.

Employee, 2016 - Present

Yavi app for Android and iOS

Make your scheduling more efficient with your work chat and schedule side by side, on your whole team’s phones.

I worked as part of the wonderful Yavi product team to take the iOS and Android apps from MVP to release in 3 months, with a focus on increasing re-engagement through a messaging interface.

We are now releasing updates regularly for our growing userbase. I am using user research to understand communication needs in a work environment and designing systems to make enterprise communication feel simple.

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I produced illustrations to assist with user understanding across Yavi mobile and web products. You can see even more by trying it out.

Yavi’s initial value is provided by converting an image of a work schedule to a list of shifts in the app. This is a powerful proof of value but a complex one, and a lot of education was required to make this clear to users.

A core theme of my work at Yavi was keeping the team close to users. Part of this was creating an in-app support chat, where users can send messages to get support from the Yavi team. This is “Yavi Helper”.

Another core piece of illustrative work for Yavi was conveying the value of using the app with your whole team. Encouraging team use of the app was core to the business needs (engaging teams from large enterprises in order to provide those enterprises with further value).

Android and iOS apps

Yavi has native apps for both iOS and Android. Discovery and delivery work for these projects was done in parallel with aligned releases. These apps are the main ways

A central part of Yavi’s navigation the chat timeline. This contains direct chats, group chats and special team chats which have a schedule attached. Lots of iterations of this navigational structure were explored and the structure was iterated upon while conducting research and better understanding usability needs of users.

A core part of the user onboarding flow is uploading a photo of a schedule so that shifts in that schedule can be added to the Yavi app.

Web and experiments

At Yavi for a long time we needed to move fast and experiment, and in that time I took the lead on user-facing products for the web. There are about a dozen features and experiments on the web which I have worked on for Yavi, including a web schedule uploader and an internal support tool.

I used a wide variety of web technologies, following the lead of engineers. These ranged from modern web technologies like Cloud Functions and Angular 2 written in Typescript to tested, traditional libraries like jQuery for fast prototyping.

An example of an experiment in Angular is this web schedule upload interface, which gave me scope to create Material Design-based components. This work became useful when doing work on other internal admin tools (like a schedule viewing interface) and also brought me closer to engineers, enhancing our collaboration.

The Yavi Web Helper app is a fully featured support tool which I designed and built at Yavi. It started at a hack day and continued as a passion project which gradually grew into a powerful support, feedback and research tool.

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