Wonderloop helps people make connections through video profiles.

Employee, 2013 - 2014


Inspire collaboration with like-minded people by introducing yourself and making connections.

I started working with Hanna Aase’s startup, Wonderloop, in a communication design role. I helped to define how the product could be marketed to potential users and to organise marketing for events (such as meetups with popular creative and Vine stars, including Jérôme Jarre).

Wonderloop marketing

Following the successes of this work, I continued to work on the web presence of Wonderloop starting with their landing page. This became a front-end engineering role and expanded further when Wonderloop planned a web video profiles feature.

Wonderloop marketing

I took on the front-end work for this HTML5 video app which would display the profile of a user and allow them to share it across the web. This project was featured in TechCrunch and played a significant part in increasing user-to-user acquisition.

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