Suave is the organised read-later list for the web.

Employee, 2015 - 2016


Keep a collection of your most important reads from the web and be a more organised person.

I worked with the small Suave team to explore various product strategies. These included consumer-facing content consumption apps, web apps for sharing content, and enterprise tools. The most involved of these was video editor web app, designed to let marketeers share content easily.

Adapting to changing company aims, I expanded my skillset to include animation and motion graphics to produce templates for enterprise customers. I now draw on these skills often for interface prototyping.

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Content management, interface design

When I first started working on Suave, my main focus was creating a simple and organised reading experience. This centred around a management interface (a grid where you can view and take action on saved items) and page view with a focus on clean typography and a responsive layout. Because any content could be saved to Suave, a critical design challenge was creating a layout which any content could be displayed nicely in.

As Suave moved towards being a social product, working on the bridge between a personal read-later list and a shared space for became important.

User education, illustration

Part of the Suave product was a Chrome extension for saving content. This is an advanced behaviour for most people, so illustrating each step of the saving process clearly was important.

1. Click the extension. 2. Select some content. 3. Tag, and save.

Content consumption, interface design

Another theme of work was exploring a mobile solution for the Suave app. In this exploration, we moved towards a simplified consumption experience – a single list of things to read.

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