Snipandshare is the fastest way to share a screen on the web.

Employee, 2015 - 2016


Engage with your customers on social media with personalised videos, created from existing online content.

Snipandshare came from a pivot of Suave as we focussed on delivering value to social media managers using the sharing part of the Suave product.

The core Snipandshare product is a video editor web app which enables you to take any webpage and create a video summary of it to share on social media. With a rise in video on social media (especially video versions of existing content) there seemed to be an opportunity to create value.

Chrome extension

The Snipandshare video editor allowed you to choose any part of a webpage by clicking a video or image, or selecting text, or taking a screenshot.

Motion design

Once again finding myself working on a complex, niche product, it was important to make these new interaction patterns clear to users. Firstly, selecting content from the web had to appear effortless in our demonstrations. I believe I achieved this with a series of short animations of the product.

Secondly, the sharing process had to feel controlled (so the user was comfortable with where their content would be share) but also fast (so that the perceived effort was low). To do this, I included a fun, friendly ‘share’ scene as part of the set of animations for Snipandshare.

Branding and web

I produced several iterations of landing page for Suave and Snipandshare. Much of the analytics and user behaviour insight I gained from this work is still valid and important in my considerations today.

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