Shout helps brands be heard on social media with fun gifs.

Side project, April 2016

Create colourful, animated GIFs from images, text and emoji to get your message across on social media.

Inspired by tools like Pablo and Peach, Shout is a simple web app designed to inspire creativity. The limitations of the canvas inspire creative use of formatting, colour and emoji to get a message across.

The project let me experiment with HTML canvas, Web Workers and blob storage. It also allowed for some relatively deep investigation into GIF processing and generation using Javascript.

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Interface design

Shout Screenshot

I wanted Shout’s creation interface to be extremely simple, just like creating a basic slideshow presentation. Customisation is limited to bring out creativity. This also means the barrier to entry is minimal.

For onboarding, I allow the interface to describe itself with placeholders encouraging action and default styles subtly hinting at the customisation available. With that introduction, the user is left to explore and create.


The branding for shout needed to reflect that it is a simple tool. It doesn’t have very much personality and it doesn’t feel too friendly. Its brand is intended to reflect that it is a reliable tool for social media.

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