This blog was written, designed and coded by Graham Macphee. It was mainly written in and published from Edinburgh, Scotland. More information about Graham can be found on the front page, and on Twitter. Graham has also written for other online publications, including reviews for UltraLinx, design critique for UltraUI and editorials for Femsplain.


The blog’s design is based on Graham’s minimalistic typographic style. With a focus on openness and whitespace, the design uses a simple pairing of Helvetica Neue and Libre Baskerville. It uses the vibrant colours #8B67FF and #55FFC7 throughout. The purple is intended to reflect a sense of depth, formality and boldness while the turquoise represents happiness, openness and freshness.


The logo used in this blog is Graham Macphee’s personal logomark. The mark conveys the shape of Graham’s initials, with the round circle shape following the outer curve of the “G” and the sharp sides of the tilted square mimicking an “M”. The logomark is also the basis of a logo system, including article illustrations.

The illustrations in this blog are based on the logomark, with each one’s subtle variations in colour, shape and arrangement presenting itself as an abstract form of the article’s subject. The illustrations are used as an introduction to the feel and theme of each article.


This blog is hosted by GitHub and uses GitHub Pages and Jekyll. The full source code of this blog is available to view on GitHub in this repository. You can view a changelog of all code added and changed within the blog (including article revisions and edits) on GitHub here.


All content in this blog and this domain © 2015-16 Graham Macphee. All rights reserved. Quotes and references are used under fair-use. Rights statements for the open-source software used can be found with each code block. Helvetica® Neue © Linotype.

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