Hello, Notes.

My blog has been preventing me from writing. I don’t think that’s what a blog should do. Three, four, five complete articles sit in front of me yet none of them are up to my publishing standard. No new articles in three months. This isn’t how it should be.

So, say hello to notes. Notes are a way for me to publish on my blog without worrying. I can go wild.

Jhwgdiu efihoirj o jihfe wofewk fh eifh eofh ekfh ewkfh ewkjfh ekjfho ewfoewf ihew qofih oihfewfi ewhk fkjhweq.

Look at that garbage.

I could never publish an article with that. But I can leave this lovely, low-quality note for you to read. Ah, freedom.

To see more notes, and even contribute one of your own, check out grahammacphee.com/notes.

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